Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles – Purslane

I never cease to be amazed by the bounty of nature.  So long as we know where to look, Mother Earth provides a veritable feast of delicious and nutritious plants.

One of my favourite “find it anywhere” wild edibles is purslane.  This low-growing plant comes up in sidewalk cracks, along driveways, in meadows, on the edges of gardens, and throughout pastures.

Purslane growing in a pasture.

Purslane makes a fantastic addition to salads, though you may also opt to pick it and eat it on the spot, as-is.  It is a crunchy and slightly sweet leafy green vegetable that contains a perfect combination of potassium, magnesium, calcium, carotene, and antioxidants. It also happens to provide more omega-3 than any other leafy vegetable!

This incredible edible is low-calorie, high-nutrition. It’s a great source of vitamin-A and vitamin-C, as well as B-complex vitamins, and really deserves a greater place on our plates. Get creative with how you use it! Purslane can be added to smoothies, sauteed like spinach, added to soups, or used as a garnish. Its delightful flavour is versatile and won’t disappoint!

Bon appetit!