About Green Goddess Apothecary

Green Goddess Apothecary is the work of an Earth-loving mother of five sweet kids.  Lindsay has had a passion for plants since childhood and has been digging in the soil on her organic farm since 2010.  She has an extensive knowledge of herbs, medicinal plants, and wild edibles, and has experienced the healing power of plants firsthand.  Lindsay loves sharing knowledge with those who seek it.

Green Goddess Apothecary is located in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, where the weather graces us with a long growing season and plenty of sun.  The herbs used in most Green Goddess products are grown on Lindsay’s farm and lovingly harvested by hand, with great reverence and respect for the land.

About the Land

Lindsay’s small, organic farm has been a no-spray hamlet for decades. The property was previously owned by a family who loved the land and planted many trees and other native plants throughout. Today, the farm is a mix of woodlot, pasture (sheep & cows), fruit trees, and organic gardens. It is a haven for butterflies (particularly Monarch butterflies, with large stands of milkweed), several varieties of bees, birds, deer, and myriad other wildlife.